Although I've always been the crafty type who'd made cards, books, toys, and handmade gifts for friends, I've loved writing just as much and so pursued a career in journalism. The list of publications I've written for span magazines, newspapers, and websites and I have to admit it's been a fun, but rocky experience. If some magazines aren't folding, they're letting writers go (I've been laid off twice) and those feeling the economy's strain have been relying heavily on freelance content or writing more things in-house instead of taking on more staff members. While magazine writing will always be my first love, I've also found an appreciation for online - its quicker pace on getting news out there, the different media that can complement an article, and improved apps and technology that keeps it ever-growing and shifting. There's also the added bonus of being able to work from wherever there's Internet access - my bedroom included - so I have to say that's pretty awesome.

When I announced Porcupine Hugs' launch to my coworkers at, I was immediately asked to write up a piece on how I formed my company. Lifestyle articles and service pieces are what I love to write best, so I happily complied and - bam! - the piece was published just hours after I'd turned it in. So read on to learn how to start your own business through the steps and tips I followed to create my own.

What business venture would you like to launch someday?



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